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Monday, May 21, 2018

Be Still My Heart ...

These two could not be any cuter!!!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Anyone Else Feel Sorry for Meghan Markle and her Parents?

(Photo courtesy of Mega/Reuters)
Two people are just trying to get married, but the press has to delve into the past of her dysfunctional family. Her bitter half-siblings have been quite vocal. One minute they're calling her vile names and making shameful accusations about her, and the next they're begging for an invitation because they are family.

Her father, for whatever reason, allowed himself to be photographed by journalists and was so embarrassed he pulled out of the wedding. Then he changed his mind and said he does want to walk his daughter down the aisle. Now, it appears, he's changed his mind again.

If Meghan had serious felonies on her record, that would be relevant topics of discussion, but the things being reported are not ... they're just hurtful and cruel. There might be a kernel of truth to some of them, but what family couldn't come up with something mean to say about each other? The scrutiny on Meghan and her family has been relentless. Leave these poor people alone! Did the paparazzi learn nothing from the death of Princess Diana?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I Had to Take the Patio Lights Down

I haven't been seeing any hummingbirds, and I'm normally swamped with them. I'm guessing the lights looked like a giant spiderweb to those tiny birds. The lights looked really pretty at night, but I'd much rather have cute, itty-bitty humbingbirds visit than have lights on my patio.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mother's Day Thoughts

I just read an article about a woman, a mother, who does not celebrate Mother's Day. Why? Because her mother died before she married and had kids. I thought it was one of the saddest ... and the most selfish ... thing I've ever read. My mom died in October of 1996. This Mother's Day was the 21st one I've celebrated without her. I miss her and wish desperately she had lived to see all fifteen of her grandchildren grow up, but God had other plans. Still, I would never deprive my children of celebrating the day for me because it means so much to them. They want to make the day special.

My mother would be horrified if I let her death taint a holiday that celebrates all that mother's do. It would upset her if I couldn't enjoy the day because she was gone. I feel sorry for that woman, and even sorrier for her kids, and I can't help but wonder what other joys of life she and her children are missing because she lost her mother. Those poor kids will grow up remembering Mother's Day as the day their mother was always sad and depressed, despite whatever effort they may have went to to show her how much she means to them.

When you're a mom, you can be as sad as you want, but you can't drag your children into your pain. It's okay for kids to see their mom cry on occasion, but a crying mother scares a child. A depressed mother scares a child. To a kid, mom is the barometer for life. If mom can't hold it together, things must be really bad.

What a shame that this mother is forcing her children to help her carry her emotional baggage, because once she's gone, they're still going to be lugging it around ... but hopefully they won't pass it on to their own children.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day Flowers

My grandbabies picked these "flowers" for me (with help!) ... and they might just be the prettiest flowers I've ever received!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Hail Storm Thursday

It's hard to describe the sound of hail pelting a house ... but it's loud! I don't think I sustained any damage to the roof, which is surprising given the amount of hail that fell and the length of time the storm lasted. I took some pictures and a couple video's when it was hailing. The pics and video's don't show it, but it was pretty intense!

Thing 1 was heading over with her baby for me to watch for an hour or so. I called her while she was on her way. I told her to either come here and stay or go back home. It looked like the storm was only going to get worse, and I didn't want her on the roads with that sweet baby or driving during a dangerous storm to get back to him ... I wanted her someplace with a basement!

Just as she got home, the hail was beginning to subside at my house, but it was just beginning at hers. The storm wasn't that bad as predicted (aside from the hail). I was really looking forward to seeing my baby grandson, but not if it put my daughter's life in danger! Plus, he's only ten months old ... if the hail hit him, it would hurt!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Today is "Eat What You Want Day"

I might be breaking the rules for this, because I eat what I want every day!

I generally try to eat healthy, and for the most part, I do ... but I did have a Milky Way for dinner the other night. Don't worry ... I washed it down with a protein shake!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

My Driveway

My driveway is one bumpy ride! It's needed grading since I moved in, but I never felt compelled to spend a couple thousand dollars on it, so it's stayed bumpy.

There was one particular bump that drove me (and likely, everyone else) completely nuts. Last summer I took a shovel to it, but it was like concrete, so that was that. I told John I was going to wait for a good rain, then tackle it with a hoe. He said the ground underneath would be like concrete, too, and that I'd never be able to fix it myself. He was right in that the ground was like concrete, but I was able to do something about it!

It was either do something myself or pay someone a lot of money to do it for me, so I got out my trusty hoe and got to work. It needs a lot more attention to be a smooth ride, but the biggest bump is smoothed out (mostly), and it makes the ride up the driveway much less bumpy.

It's hardly what you could call "graded", but it's a start! I don't have any "before" photo's, so the pictures below don't portray the hours it took to chip away at that bump!

After I tackled that bump, a blew all the leaves on the side of the house by the woods into a pile. I should have done it last fall, but I didn't, and I could have cut them up with my lawnmower, except the belt for the self-propelled quit working. The part is ordered, so until it comes in, my lawnmower is on sabbatical.

The plan is to burn the leaves in the outdoor fireplace, but it was too late to start burning when I finished ... because it's a huge pile that will take a long time to shovel into the fireplace!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bird Girl Has Flowers Again

When I moved here, Bird Girl's new home was filled with purple phlox.

Bird Girl in the Spring
It looked beautiful, but there were so many weeds, and several with woody stems. Pulling the weeds destroyed the phlox, so I pulled it all out and covered with with black plastic for the rest of the season.

Bird Girls with no flowers :(
I planted some flowers last summer, when it was really hot and dry. I can't remember the name of the flower, but they flower all summer and had small orange blooms. I was so excited to see her surrounded by flowers all summer. Sadly, they all died. I'm not quite sure why.

Bird Girl with newly planted orange flowers that bloom all summer.
This past weekend I almost bought the same flowers that died last year, but changed my mind and planted white phlox. I really wanted the orange, summer blooming flowers, but since they are the only plants I've ever bought that didn't thrive, I decided on the tried and true phlox. It will be several years before the Phlox has filled the bed, but that's okay. Knowing Bird Girl will be surrounded by pretty flowers in the spring will be fine.

Bird Girl with newly planted white Phlox.
Next weekend I'll have to buy a truckload of mulch for all of my flowerbeds, but I sprinkled Preen all over, so maybe I can keep the weeds in check and won't have to gut this flowerbed ever again.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

My Dogswoods are in Bloom

I've always wanted to look out my front window and see a beautiful dogwood tree. At my old house, there wasn't room in the front yard for a tree. When I bought my current home, it was summer. All I knew was that I loved the setting ... I loved the house, the yard, the woods ... everything! I didn't really pay attention to what kind of trees were in the yard.

Once I moved in and was working in the yard, I knew I had dogwoods, and I (im)patiently waited for spring. Looking out my front window, I was rewarded with not only with a dogwood directly in front, but also a Red Bud and a Chinese Plum. There are a couple other dogwoods sprinkled on the property, and when they bloom, my heart smiles.

I'd love to plant more dogwoods, and a Magnolia, but I have so many yard projects lined up for this year, the trees may have to wait.

I took the above pictures last week, when everything was still pretty much in full bloom. The picture below was taken a few days after the other pictures ... and after the recent rains and wind blew away a lot of the petals ... but here's the view from my front window.

When I bought this house, I got my wish without even realizing it :)