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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bye-bye Blackberry :(

I was willing to wait on Blackberry to come up with the syncing tool I so desperately miss, and I could have lived with some of the other "upgrades" that make my life more difficult ... but I just discovered I cannot search my memo's.

And that's a deal-breaker of the highest magnitude.

I have 405 memo's in my phone, which I search dozens of times a day. I don't have the patience to scroll through hundreds of memo's searching for what I need. I could have lived with it if I could have downloaded the Evernote app, but ... surprise, surprise ... it's not available for Blackberry.

I have a friend with an Android-based phone that he is quite pleased with. I'll find out what he has and switch to that one.

To the geniuses at Blackberry who created the new operating system ... I don't care what the new Blackberry can do as long as it can also do what my old one did ... and it can't ... so I'm bidding adieu to Blackberry.

Soooo, after spending almost a week trying to transfer my data, searching for ways to make my Blackberry work like I assumed it would, of buying third-party apps that suck (fortunately I can get my money back on those), and of beating my head against the wall, I'll get to spend the next week doing the same thing with my new phone ... except I already know someone who has made the switch and can tell me how he made his Android do all the things (and more) that his old Blackberry did.

I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders!! With this stupid phone gone ... I will finally have my life back!!!

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