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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vacation Pictures

Here are some of the pics from our week in Blue Ridge. It was hard to pick them ... each one was so pretty, but I couldn't post them all! (Click on each picture to enlarge it.)

This is a view of the mountains behind his cabin. The foliage was pretty right off the deck, but the mountains in the background didn't have much color yet.
We packed a picnic lunch and went to Amicalola Falls one day ... GORGEOUS waterfall, and definitely worth the hike!

The falls trickled all the way down the mountain.

Here we are at the bottom of the falls ... it was quite a hike to get to "the bottom"!!

A few days later we packed another picnic lunch and drove the Cherohala Skyway. We were told it was prettier than the Blue Ridge Parkway. While it was very pretty, we both thought the Blue Ridge Parkway was much more scenic.

When my daughter's and I were in the area last summer, we called these signs "Wiggley-woops"! As you can imagine, these signs are always on a curve, so we risked our lives to get this picture for my girls!
 Here are a few last pics (of the Ocoee River) from our drive home ...

It's nice to be home ... but I'd rather be back in Blue Ridge with the best friend I've ever had!


  1. Beautiful pics. Glad you and John had a great time. Your second best friend !!! ;)