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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Thing 1's Recipe Box

When we invited people to my daughter's bridal shower last year, we included recipe cards with the invitation, asking them to fill out the cards with their favorite recipes. It was my idea to make a recipe box for her, but my first attempt wasn't very good. I offered her several other choices, but she didn't want any of them ... she wanted me to make one for her. So, I did. My second attempt turned out okay, but it wasn't as cool as the one I had pictured in my head. But, she loved it, and I guess that's what counts!

I made the top of her cake for her wedding, too. I was proud of it ... even if it would get me laughed out of culinary school! Thing 2 wants me to make her entire wedding cake, and Thing 3 wants me to make a cake for a baby shower. Yikes! I told them I'd try. I sure hope they aren't sorry they asked me!

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