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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

'A Summer in Ocracoke' ... my first proof copy arrived today!

I came home today to find a proof copy of A Summer in Ocracoke waiting for me! The picture for the blog turned out a little blurry ... but the actual copy isn't ... it's crystal clear and sharp!

Now I get to read it and look for errors. If I don't find any, it will go to my "editors" for a once over. I believe I had three proofs of Boomerang before it went to press.

I think the jacket art turned out nicely. My name needs adjusted at the bottom, but the title and picture itself looks good ... and the back cover doesn't need anything changed.

It feels so good to hold a book I've written!!

I wonder if that feeling ever gets old? I hope not. I hope I get excited every time I hold each new book I write ... every ... single ... time :)

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