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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Phones and books

I am still working through some issues on my phone. It's not exactly what I'd design myself, but it's good enough.  I can live with the things I don't like (not that I have a choice), and look for applications to replace the ones I'm not thrilled with.

And ... on a completely unrelated note ... I just finished an excellent book by one of the most prolific writers of our day, whom I shall simply call "Author". Author doesn't generally write the type of books I tend to read, but every great once in a while, Author will write a book that does appeal to me. Regardless of whether or not Author writes "my" kind of book, Author is a master storyteller.

Although the subject of this particular book piqued my curiosity, and I was very interested in reading it, it hinted at political undertones ... and Author and I are polar opposites when it comes to politics. I began reading, hoping Author didn't go off on a rant against everything I believe in, which would completely turn me off and force me to quit reading ... because I really wanted to know how the book turned out ... and to my surprise, Author handled the subjects with more diplomacy than I expected. Author's political views came out loud and clear, but they stopped short of cramming them down my throat ... and there were far fewer than I anticipated. I finished the book in record time, and although I was able to predict most the plot twists ... and the ending ... it was still a very good read. One plot twist, however, was very unexpected. I can't go into detail without revealing the Author and the book, but it made Author's political views looks quite bad! I hadn't expected that. I was certain Author was using this novel as a soapbox for why I'm on the "wrong side". I was wrong ... and I'm glad.

More than that, though, I found two major goofs in the book. One where Author said something about not ever needing something the male protagonist had purchased (hence, the money the protagonist had paid was spent for nothing) ... but the item had been used. An entire paragraph described the difficulty the protagonist had using it.

The second, and the biggest goof, was using the last wrong name when speaking of the female protagonist. That's a pretty big goof!  Regardless, the book was excellent.

I'm ashamed to admit, but it made me feel a little happy inside to find those errors! I know how they occurred ... it's easy to change one tiny thing and forget you referenced it later, so the two parts of the story don't match. That is frighteningly easy to do. Where Author got the name wrong, it was an understandable error ... the protagonists last name was very similar to another last name that came up often. So why did it make me "happy"? I will tell you ... because if someone as famous as Author, and with the kind of staff and resources at Author's disposal, even Author's books can go to print with blazing errors ... and I won't have to feel like a total failure if an error is discovered in one of mine.

I've read a few other books with big errors like that ... one where some people are running away from an explosion and pass a treasured acquaintance running as well, and is relieved to see that so-and-so made it out safely, too. A few paragraphs later, they are watching the resulting fire, mourning the loss of their friend (the one they saw running out) who surely perished in the explosion. Another had an identical paragraph in twice ... word for word ... with one paragraph in between them.  Both of these authors are very well respected, best-selling authors, too.

I may not be perfect, and my novels may contain errors (although I hope not!), but if the big dogs can publish works with errors, perhaps I shouldn't worry myself half-sick that mine will go to print with an error ... and if they do, it's a forgivable offense.

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