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Monday, November 13, 2017


When I bought this house, the woods had nearly overtaken the backyard. I spent countless hours this spring, summer, and fall working to clear out the woods so that I can put in a swing set for my grandbabies and have more yard for them to play in. This is what it looked like when I moved in (click on any photo to enlarge). You can barely see it, but there is a fireplace buried under ivy to the right of the tree ...

I was able to clear the ivy away with some snippers and a little (okay, a lot) of elbow grease, but there was no way to clear out the woods without a chainsaw, so I bought one and started cutting down trees. I had never used a chainsaw before, and discovered it's not as easy as it looked when I watched my man use one!! But, I persevered, and my hard work paid off.

Once able to navigate the woods, I discovered a variety of items, mostly buried and hidden by ivy. I was able to dig them out and stuff them in the dumpster to be picked up on trash day. That trash can was heavy! My driveway has a significant slope, so it was tricky dragging it to the street without getting crushed ... because it easily weighed twice what I do. I'm sure the men who work at the trash company were happy to see my overflowing dumpster.

There's still work to do, but I'm pleased with the progress. You can see, and burn in, the upper fireplace now. Digging that out was back-breaking! It's been too wet or too windy to burn lately, but the wood is stacked and ready for whenever I get a chance to light the fire ... and that sounds like the perfect excuse to invite the kids and some friends over for a bonfire and cookout!


There's another fireplace and patio at the bottom of the hill that needs to be dug out, but I haven't even started to tackle that project yet. Below is the "before" for the lower fireplace. If we get some mild, dry weekends, I'll start working on it. Otherwise, it will be next spring before I begin.

Even though I could barely drag myself into the house to shower some days, I enjoyed working in the yard. Next spring I'll have to figure out exactly where I want to make a play area for the swingset and where I want grass. Until then, I can admire the progress ... and map paths to carve out!

And, finally ... the rusting, leaning yellow tether ball pole is gone!! Removing that was no small task (not that I actually helped) ... it was anchored in with enough concrete to withstand a nuclear blast! I can't imagine how heavy it was or how he got it in the back of his truck without any help.

I'm really going to miss working in my yard this winter.

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