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Friday, December 29, 2017

Passive Aggressive Yard Work

My house is the last one on a cul-de-sac, and is surrounded by woods, except on one side. This photo shows the concrete post marking the boundary on the west side of my property. What the picture doesn't show is that my property west of my driveway tapers from about 15' by the road, taping to about 18" in the back.

The only neighbor with whom I share a border is extremely careful not to cut even one blade of grass or rake one leaf on my side of the boundary marker, so I was quite surprised that he raked a good 8" of leaves on my property! It must have been dark, or he was in a hurry ... I'm quite certain he didn't mean to remove any of "my" leaves (that fell of his gigantic maple tree).

I was out walking with my grandkids one Saturday, when I saw him blow some of his leaves into the street, then into the yard across the street from him. Later that same day, he got upset with me when some of the leaves I was blowing blew into his yard ... even though they were all from HIS tree! All things considered, he's a not really a bad neighbor, but it's abundantly clear he's not going to be performing any random act of kindness when it comes to yard work.

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