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Monday, February 11, 2013

Groan :(

Reading over my pitch for the ABNA contest, I discovered a typo ... and a pretty big one.  I used the word "sale", when it should have been "sell".  With the judging for Round One already completed (to be announced in two days), I discovered the mistake far too late to correct.

With this round being judged solely on the pitch, and with the pitch being 300 words or less, every word matters.  While "sale" rather than "sell" may seem like a minor mistake, it may appear as though I don't know proper English ... and who wants to read more of a book where the writer obviously has such a tenuous grasp of language?

It may not matter at all, and it may turn a judge off entirely.  I guess I'll find out the day after tomorrow.  It was always going to be a long shot to pass from round to round, and I think this makes it more difficult for me to do so.

I read my pitch hundreds, if not thousands of times before I entered.  I gave my pitch to several others to help me proof it, and none of us caught it.  Maybe the judges won't either ... but I think it's just as likely that my fair godmother swooped down on her pink unicorn and fixed it before they had a chance to see it.

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