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Monday, February 25, 2013

Identification at Banks

I made a deposit at my bank the other day and they asked for a photo ID.

For a deposit.

While I definitely have a problem with people taking money out of my account without permission, but I'm pretty much okay if they want to put money in! Is there a problem I'm unaware of where people all over the country depositing money into someone else's account ... on purpose? Although it might be considered a double-standard ... because I think they should have a photo ID to withdraw money ... I don't really have a problem with someone going into the bank with a wad of cash or a stack of checks and putting it into my account, even without proper identification. If the bank insists on something, have them face the camera and smile. That's all the identification I require!

So ... for what it's worth ... if anyone wants to put money into my account without a photo ID, I promise not to complain if the bank just looks the other way :)

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