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Saturday, August 3, 2013


This evening my boyfriend and I went to one of the performances at the Sandy Lee Watkins Songwriters Festival 2013 in Henderson, Kentucky. For almost three hours, we listened to four incredibly talented and successful songwriters from Nashville ... Kerry Kirk Phillips, Tony Arata, Lisa Carver, and Jeffery East. They have all written numerous songs for major artists, and have won some pretty impressive awards. Tony Arata wrote "The Dance", which was recorded by Garth Brooks ... which Tony sang for us!

The songwriters sat in a circle with their acoustic guitars and took turns playing some of their songs. I was in awe of the talent in that room.

An evening with my handsome boyfriend, good food, great music ... and I got to wear my new dress. I'd say the evening was a smashing success!

Here I am modeling my pretty new dress before we left. I posted a picture of it on July 25th (blog posting A New Dress), right after my sweet daughter surprised me with it, but the picture I posted wasn't of me. The picture for that blog was of a much younger woman (girl?) modeling the dress for a catalog. I realize the young model looks much better than I do ... but I looked a lot better than I currently do when I was her age ... so I'm going to cut myself some slack!

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  1. It's a knockout & u look great in it. But don't u know the prettiest thing u can wear is a smile.