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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Everyone Is Getting Older (Except Me!!)

My oldest daughter and one of her best friends are both getting married this year, and they are both bridesmaid's in the other's wedding. Her friend's bridal shower was yesterday. It seems so strange to think of these two as "women". They've been friends since they were in third or fourth grade. When I picture them, I remember the giggly little girls who used to sing and dance at their sleepovers, play Polly Pockets, and act so silly together. I think it's wonderful that they are still good friends and get to share in each other's special day. I know two lucky guys who are marrying two very goofy girls ... oops, I mean ...  two beautiful, sweet, amazing women!

How is it that these two are so much older and I'm still 35?!!


  1. That kind of friendship is rare. Although I have never had one, I know what a best friend is. A true friend is simply someone who cares if you're happy.

  2. Jackie, thank you for always being such a great role model for my girl. This is an awesome blog. I hope our girls always stay BFF's. It meant the world to her you came to her bridal shower yesterday. Hope to see you all in a few weeks at the wedding.

    1. I wouldn't have missed it for anything, and I will definitely be at her wedding. It still doesn't seem possible that those little girls are old enough to be married!! Maybe one day their little kids will be friends and surrogate cousins!