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Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Been a Long Time

My kids were introduced to sidewalk chalk at an early age, and it quickly became a favorite past time. In the summer I always had teenage girls come to the house to babysit the kids. I was lucky enough to find several very responsible girls. They loved the kids ... they played with them and made some happy memories my kids still speak of with fondness and smiles.

I would often come home to drawings up and down the front walk, and on the sidewalk spanning the width of the house. Rain would wash them away, or they'd fade with foot traffic over time, or they'd be hosed down and new creations would take their place once the sun dried the pavement. I never knew what artistic masterpieces would greet me when I came home from work!

I had to run some errands the other day (mainly to buy ferns), and my oldest daughter asked for sidewalk chalk (she's 23 years old, yet still wildly in love with sidewalk chalk!). I knew she had some and questioned her about it, but she claimed she was almost out. Her "almost out" is different from mine ... when we get down to five or six boxes of macaroni and cheese, we are "almost out". Regardless of the fact that she did indeed have plenty of chalk, I picked up a big package (it's pretty cheap ... and I know it won't be wasted!).

First she drew this:

Then she drew this:

Then "draw-er's block" set in. As I was leaving for a date, she asked me and my sweetie for ideas. I suggested drawing the cupcake that was on her t-shirt, but she poo-poohed my idea. I guess I misunderstood question. When she asked "What should I draw next?", she actually meant "Tell me something I want to draw."

I came home from my date to a large butterfly with "Welcome" (pictured at top of blog). And, to no one's surprise, a snail:

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