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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Moms can do some amazing things. They can find things you lost, even though you've already looked everywhere. They can produce dinner from a refrigerator and cabinets, even when you've just looked and know there is "nothing to eat". They can cook dinner, clean the house, do laundry, and help you with your homework, all at the same time. They somehow have everything you need for that science project at school, even though you didn't tell her until five minutes before bedtime. They teach you to walk, talk, pee in the potty, swim, ride a bike, swing, climb the ladder to the slicky-slide, knit, crochet, sing, sew, cook, drive, and plant flowers. . They take care of you when you're sick and play with you when you're well. They teach their daughters how to be a lady, and they teach their sons how to treat girls and women. They teach you how to prioritize your life in order to balance all the things you need to do. They teach you how to behave with money, so that you're always saving for a rainy day. They take you to the doctor, dentist, church and school. They are there at every parent/teacher conference, school play, athletic event, and major event of your life.

Moms, it seems, know everything and can do anything, including what seems like being in two places at the same time ... but they can't live forever ... so treasure your mother while you still have her.

Today I will take some flowers and put them on my mother's grave.

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