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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Olivia Is NOT Happy

As we've been cleaning and de-cluttering, we've been making a pile of items to donate or set out for heavy trash day. Olivia fancies herself as royalty, and therefore superior to the peasants and the livestock (Louie the cat and Roo the dog) who dwell here, so I was surprised to see this snooty feline perched upon a pile of "trash". I'm not sure if she chose this spot because Roo can't reach her, or if Louie can't try to make her play, or if she was hoping we wouldn't notice her when we took the trash out and she could escape.

Olivia has had it pretty tough lately. Louie has taken to sleeping on my middle daughter's bed ... but that's where Olivia likes to sleep (when she feels like it) ... and it's apparently beneath her to sleep with an "animal". So she's been forced to find another place to nap for at least some of the twenty-three hours a day she spends sleeping. She also has to eat out of the same bowl as Louie (as though she, too, were an animal!), and then there's that stupid dog to deal with! Roo, doesn't bother her ... he doesn't even know she's in the room most of time, but his mere existence seems to disgust Olivia. She used to be the only non-human around to love on, but now that there are two other animals for her captors to hug and pet, she has been forced to ask for attention. She's never had to grovel for attention before, as she considers it beneath her, so she does not like this new arrangement one little bit. 

I've caught her online a few times lately. At first I thought she was reading the news, then I thought she might be shopping. Now I'm beginning to think she was researching ways to escape. While I applaud her efforts, it's not a very well executed plan ... mainly because I can see her ... even when she's not looking at me. I probably I shouldn't ridicule her ... this is all the poor thing could come up with. It appears your options are quite limited when you don't possess opposable thumbs!

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