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Saturday, June 27, 2015

What do the Shinersfest and Kitty Hawk Kites have in common?

Thing 3's Blue Angel Kite in Kitty Hawk, NC
Blue Angels! When my kids were growing up, I always took them to the festivals downtown. They always included an air show, and the best years were the ones where the Blue Angels came. As an added bonus, the festivals often coincide with Thing 3's birthday. He's always considered the air shows our city's birthday gift to him!

The Blue Angels are in town for the Shrinersfest this weekend, which means everyone spends their days running to the window or standing in parking lots watching as the airplanes fly over for practice runs. If you work downtown, and I do, it's impossible to get any work done when the jets are practicing ... they're just too cool to watch ... and too loud to ignore!

A few years ago, we went to Nags Head on the Outer Banks for vacation. One day we drove up to Kitty Hawk. We all bought kites and flew them on a huge sand dune (pictured below). My son chose a Blue Angel kite (pictured above). Of all the kites we saw that week ... and we saw many ... my son's kite was by far my favorite.

Sand Dune in Kitty Hawk, NC
The kids and I will be heading downtown this afternoon to watch the air show. More fun than watching the planes fly overhead is seeing the happiness on my kid's faces. They may all be adults now, but when they look up at the sky to watch the air show, I see the same look of wonder and awe and excitement as when they were little kids.

Photo courtesy of my BFF
Photo courtesy of my favorite sister-in-law

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