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Monday, February 12, 2018

Cars 3 Was a Hit

My youngest grandson spent the day with me one day snowy last week. He came on a brutally cold morning ... in a muscle shirt! (That's what happens when my daughter lets her husband pick out the babies clothes.) My kids looked the Ralphie's little brother (in A Christmas Story) when I took them anywhere in the winter. Men don't get cold like women, so it never occurred to him the little guy need a warmer shirt! In his defense, his car seat has a very warm, fluffy liner/cover that would keep him toasty from head to toe in Siberia even if he were naked. So it wasn't a tragedy ... just unusual.

My son-in-law is a BIG car guy. He lives and breathes cars. They are his true passion. Lucky for me, he will work on my vehicle at the asking. There is no telling how much money he has saved me. I am so grateful for him. 

I turned on Cars 3 for my little grandson yesterday. It turns out cars aren't just the passion of his daddy... this little guy was mesmerized! I told my son-in-law that he was definitely his son!

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