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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Wow! I'm Honored!

This little boy is all about his Dada. As far as he's concerned, Dada hung the moon and the stars and his world revolves around his Daddy. Dada gets snuggles from this little guy that everyone else would kill for.

I watched this indefatigable little critter Sunday evening while his parents when to a reception, and he he kept me quite busy! I tried to take a few photo's, but they're all blurry. This kid is in constant motion!

When it came time for bed, I bundled him up in his sleepy-sack, turned on his air conditioner and sound machine. He cried for his requisite 30 seconds, then quieted down.

My daughter sent me this text the next day on Monday morning ...

I was flabbergasted! This little boy has woken up calling for Dada since the moment he learned to speak ... never Mama ... ALWAYS Dada, but Monday he woke up asking and looking for ME! To say I'm flattered is a monumental understatement!!!!

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