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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Family That Cries Together

I'm very sentimental. I burst into tears ... every time ... when I went to the last event at the kids schools ... and don't get me started on graduation! When the kids were little, they loved for me to read them the book "I'll Love You Forever". They didn't like it because they liked the story ... they liked it because I cried every time I read it ... at the exact same place. They thought it was great fun to watch me cry when reading. But, as fate would have it, it seems the girls inherited what they like to call "the crying gene".

My daughters and I bonded over wedding planning, which included listening to songs ... and we did a lot of crying! We discussed whether it might be wise for them to carry boxes of tissues in lieu of a bouquet ... or a bouquet of origami flowers made from tissue ... but if we did that, the bouquet toss would be a lonely event!

Our biggest fear is that in every wedding picture, the three of us with have red, splotchy faces and no make up on! As much as we are all looking forward to this day, my normally photogenic daughters are beginning to dread the pictures!

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