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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Critique My Pitch!

I have entered my latest novel, A Summer in Ocracoke, into the Romance category of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest this year.  

Round One is judged solely on the appeal of "the pitch".  According to the rules, the pitch is "A well-written description of your book that addresses more than just a summary; it needs to be a well-written explanation of what the book is about. Talk about your novel's strengths, and highlights what differentiates it from other novels in its genre. with respect to how it is being evaluated."

Upon review of the above rule, I tweaked my pitch just a bit.  The submission phase will close soon, but until then, I can still revise it. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think ...

          It had been seventeen years since Tara Martin had been to the tiny island of Ocracoke, North Carolina. It was easy to remember how long it had been; it was the last vacation she had taken with her father. They had spent two glorious weeks at her grandmother's cottage that July. After her father drowned a few months later, the thought of being on a tiny strip of sand in the Atlantic terrified her, and she never set foot on Ocracoke again. Until today.

           Within hours of arriving, Tara discovers puzzling clues from her grandmother's life. With each new clue more confusing than the last, she's left wondering how well she really knew the woman who raised her. Despite her promise to stay the entire summer, her plans are to leave Ocracoke as soon as her grandmother's cottage is ready to sale. But then she meets Larry Taylor, a handsome local contractor, who came to Ocracoke a few years before to escape his own demons, and found life on the isolated island a soothing balm to his fractured soul. Finally at peace, Larry patiently pursues a reluctant Tara. Plagued by insecurities and self-doubt, Tara slowly allows Larry into the recesses of her heart, second-guessing and questioning his motives, as well as her own, every step of the way — but it's the unraveling of the mysteries surrounding her grandmother that leave her heart reeling.

           Set in the picturesque village of Ocracoke, North Carolina, A Summer in Ocracoke is not just another predictable romance novel. It's not only the story of new love, but the mature love of the elderly, and the discovery of the sacrifices made in the name of love that ultimately cost them everything. Fresh and inspiring, readers of all ages will be moved by this unique tale.


  1. I think it's good! Good luck!

  2. I like it and I'm downloading the excerpt to read.

  3. Sounds good. Is it for sale anywhere? I can't find it.

  4. It's not for sale yet ... this was just a teaser :)