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Sunday, January 27, 2013


I read a lot … news, books (fiction and non-fiction), blogs, etc.  Writing is my all-time favorite pastime, but reading comes in a close second ... with author/agent editor blogs and articles being some of my favorites.  I recently found a blog by a published author who began her blog just as she was published for the first time. 

Some of my favorite passages on her blog are from her debut at a big convention in New York City.  She stayed at a very nice hotel, courtesy of her agent/publisher, and spoke of her wide-eyed wonder with all she experienced … and particularly her ecstasy at seeing her name and book name and art on a banner hanging for all to see as soon as they walked into the convention hall.  There are pictures of her posing and pointing upward to the banner.  The pride on her face is unmistakable.

I enjoyed reading of the thrill of seeing her work showcased in such a grand way for the very first time, of her reliving all the amazing things she had never experienced before.  I could completely see myself having the same reactions, perhaps even more so, as I understand this author had been to New York City before, and I have never visited there.

Everyone likes a rags to riches story … and by "riches", I mean the fulfillment of a dream, not the type of riches that pad a bank account.  Going from unpublished to published is a monumental milestone in the career of an author, and I enjoyed reading of her success … and hoping my own story will be just as inspiring for another aspiring author someday!

I can't wait to share that kind of news to the world … which will have to wait until I quit jumping up and down and screaming in excitement like a little kid being told they're going to Disneyland!  Until that day, I must wait ...

A quote by Jean Jacques Rousseau sums it up quite nicely … Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

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