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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gus LOVES His Roo

Little Gus ADORES his big brother Roo
Roo loves Gus, too. He's always very gentle and sweet with the little guy, but I swear I've seen Roo roll his eyes when that silly puppy won't leave him alone! Gus is always underfoot ... so much so that poor Roo has to be careful when he sits or lays down to make sure he isn't going to sit or lay on Gus.

Gus's adoration for Roo has been good for training. Gus watches Roo and copies his every move. If Roo pants, Gus pants. If Roo is excited, Gus is excited. House training Gus was a piece of cake ... since Roo doesn't use the bathroom in the house, neither does Gus. Pretty amazing for a baby puppy.

Louie (the cat) used to be Roo's nap buddy, but Louie isn't a fan of Gus. Gus is just a little too "busy" for Louie's taste. But, one day Gus will have spent his puppy energy, and I all three boys will cuddle up for long, lazy naps together.

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