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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Birthday America!

As we celebrate the birth of this great nation, I'd like to remind everyone that this country was founded on Christian values. That is not opinion or mere speculation ... it's an absolute fact. Our founding fathers were Christians, and our constitution and laws were based on Biblical principles.

I'm never going to run for office and I'll never be President, so it doesn't really matter what I think. But if I were President, there are a number of things I'd address immediately:
  1. First, I would return prayer to schools. If a Christian prayer offends you, put your fingers in your ears and softly hum 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' until it's over.
  2. I'd make sure everyone understood what "Separation of church and state" actually means: It's not that the government cannot display symbols of or quote from the Bible or that the government is prohibited from making reference to or promoting Christianity ... all it means is that the government cannot force you to be a specific religion.
  3. The Ten Commandments could be displayed anywhere, as could nativity scenes at Christmas. Paying homage to the principles this country was founded on is not offensive. If you don't like looking at them, then turn your head.
  4. The two week break in December would once again be called "Christmas Break" and the week in the spring would be "Easter Break". Even if you are not a Christian, that's what those breaks are for! Instead of getting their panties in a wad, non-Christians should be thanking us for giving them lots of holidays and time off work!
  5. I would make sure, in both thought and deed, that our allies, especially Israel, know we count them as our friend and that we stand with them.
  6. Students would be taught history as it actually occurred, even if it's unpleasant and ugly ... i.e., the treatment of American Indians, slavery, the holocaust, etc.
  7. Before graduating from high school, students would have to pass the same test as immigrants do when they want to become a naturalized citizen. It's not asking too much to expect kids to know the history of this country.
  8. I'd make sure Congress could not pass any laws that specifically exclude themselves. If we're stuck with obamacare, they should be also ... including (and especially) obama himself. Unlike us, those who passed this legislation were able to keep their current healthcare plan and their doctors ... and are forever immune from the taxes, penalties, and legal implications of this disastrous law. 
  9. I would enact a two-term limit for all elected offices. No exception ... ever.
  10. I would carve it in stone that you must be an American citizen to vote, and you must show a photo ID to prove who you are before casting your ballot.
  11. If you want to live here, you must learn English. We do not have to learn your language ... you have to learn ours.
  12. I'd secure our borders. It's not mean or impossible. Every other country in the world does this and so should we.
  13. I'd change citizenship laws ... one of your parents must be an American citizen, either by birth or naturalization, for you to automatically become an American citizen when born here. It was never the founding father's intention that people should be rewarded for sneaking into our country illegally.
  14. If you are not in the country legally, you cannot obtain a driver's license (and by extension, vote!).
  15. If you are not in this country legally, you are not eligible for food stamps, welfare, free healthcare, or any other government benefits. All you are eligible for is incarceration and/or deportation.
  16. Speaking of government benefits ... if you want them, you should have to pass a drug test to get them, just like many of the people paying for those benefits did.
  17. Unless you are disabled or under-employed, there should be a time limit on how long you can receive government assistance without employment. If someone is working and doesn't make enough to feed their family, I have no problem helping them (I was once one of those people). But I chafe at paying a healthy, able-bodied adult who isn't even trying to get a job to sit on their sofa and watch television or play video games. Government benefits were designed to be a hand up when you are down. They were never intended to be a way of life.
  18. If you are not an American citizen, you can have an opinion, but you cannot protest our laws. If you don't like living under our laws, you are free to go back to your country of origin.
  19. There would be no "hate crime" laws. I would like to think that if someone rapes and/or murders me (or anyone else for that matter) that they would be punished as harshly as they would if I were homosexual or a minority.
  20. The issue of gun-control would be off the table. Owning a gun is as fundamental a right as our right to free speech.
  21. The nauseatingly sick act of murdering a baby in the birth canal just before it's born so that a mother delivers a dead infant, then justifying it by calling it "partial birth abortion", would be considered and prosecuted for what it is ... murder.
  22. Going into further debt to fund pork-belly projects and earmarks for powerful leaders would be stopped immediately. I can see going into debt to fund our military and other critical programs, but to go trillions of dollars into debt for ridiculous things ... like 30 MILLION dollars to study the San Francisco Salt Marsh mouse ... is ludicrous ... and in my opinion, criminal. When you are broke ... and America is ... you fund critical programs ... not wants and wishes.
  23. I would do everything possible to make America less dependent on foreign oil. In addition to the jobs this would create, we would no longer be at the mercy of countries who don't really like us.
  24. I'd put a stop to the ridiculous issues deemed as "politically incorrect". For instance, the American flag could be proudly displayed anywhere. Homeowners associations could not ban them from subdivisions, and teenagers could wear shirts with the American flag on them to school ... even on May 5th. It might be offensive to wear an American flag t-shirt on Cinco de Mayo IN MEXICO, but celebrating the American flag in America, even on the independence day of another country, is not wrong. 
I know there are people who don't agree with me, and that's fine. I don't understand how anyone could think differently, but in America everyone is entitled to their own opinion ... for now, anyway.

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