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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Donald Trump Came to Town Thursday

The rally was held at the Events Plaza across the street from our offices. If you click on the above picture to enlarge it, you can see the line that has wound around from the front of the building, and wrapped completely around, then down two blocks and wrapped around the next corner. The Events Center said 9,000 tickets were given away. At least that many more were unable to get inside.

It was mostly peaceful. Towards the end, Democrats taunted the Trump supporters, to which the supporters chanted "USA, USA". For some reason, that really riled up the Democrats. I found it interesting that a couple dozen police officers and sheriff deputies were standing between the opposing sides in case trouble broke out ... and they were all facing the Democrats. None of the Trump supporters did anything to alarm the police, but a few of the Democrats were escorted away for trying to provoke a fight.

One person walked around all day wearing all black, including a black mast, with a black messenger bag on his shoulder, carrying a bouquet of white roses, and an anarchy flag. The police and secret services watched him very carefully, as well they should. I'm not sure what message he was trying to send unless it was "I'm at idiot". If that was what he intended to portray, then good job!

There was also a really cool Humvee circling around. The crowd cheered every time it drove by.

With all the commotion going on right outside our windows, we all found it very difficult to work. We tried, but we all kept gravitating to the windows to people watch. I videotaped the motorcade as Trump arrived and left, but they went by so quickly that's it's not worth posting. It was a very interesting day.

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