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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I Have a Very Strange Toilet

Not only is it a very odd color, I've never seen one that flushes like this! My critique of this design is two-fold:
  1. You cannot sit a pretty basket on the back to hold extra toilet paper.
  2. If the toilet continues to run, you can't just lift the lid and see why because the flushing mechanism is attached to it ... and all you've succeeded in seeing is watching the toilet flush ... again. Since the tank can't fill up with the lid off, you have to put the lid back on and hope whatever you did fixed whatever was wrong.
I know ... first-world problems ... wah. If that's all I have to complain about, I should count my lucky stars, right?

I am grateful that I have my own (child-free) bathroom (which means it's always clean). But, I recently had to replace the flapper. Have you ever gone to buy a flapper? There are about a thousand different "universal" ones to choose from at the hardware store.

Once I finally decided on which one to buy, I had to install it. That was fun! You have to straddle the toilet backwards and hold the lid close enough to the chain to allow you to hook to it ... in a space where your position means you are blocking any potential light source ... and since you need one hand (minimum!) to hook the chain and one hand to hold the lid, there's no hand left to hold a flashlight. I have plans to renovate my bathroom (someday), and a new toilet will be my first purchase.

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