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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Speaking of Wildlife

A deep rut formed at the edge of my drive last fall. It wasn't a problem until the spring rains came. The hole filled with water and wildlife moved in. Every time I walked by the puddle, I could see the water ripple where something was jumping in it ... but they were so fast, I couldn't see what they were. I didn't know if it was frogs or bugs. I stood by the puddle for a while and one of the tiny frogs that call the puddle home surfaced (below).

I was going to put some bleach in the water so that mosquitoes didn't use it as a maternity ward, but once I saw the frogs, that idea had to be nixed. I don't mind killing future mosquitoes, but I don't want to hurt the frogs. So, I ran to the garden store and bought five bags of rock and dumped it in. It fell to the bottom of the hole and disappeared. I ran back and got five more and dumped those in. I can at least see the rock now, but it really didn't make much of a dent. For the cost of what I spent on bagged rock already, I could have gone to a gravel company and bought enough rock to fill the hole and have some left over! My driveway needs more rock anyway, so I guess I'll just have to live with this hole until I get my whole driveway rocked. I really wish the frogs would just move so that I can pour bleach into it, but they seem awfully happy there. I don't think they're going anywhere while there is any water in that hole.

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