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Sunday, March 3, 2019

I Had Davy's Babies Overnight Friday

After breakfast Saturday morning, they wanted to play with the Kenetic Sand. Super Why played with it all day, stopping only to love on three stuffed puppies Davy saved from his childhood. Davy LOVED those puppies! Sweet Pea played with the sand on and off ... she has babies to take care of, so she had to stop and feed her baby and lay them down for naps. And, she has a purse full of cool gadgets that she can't resist.

In case you were wondering, when horses eat Kenetic Sand, they dive in ... literally ...

Sweet Pea laid down with her baby to try to get her to sleep ...

It must have been too light, so she moved into the tent ...

And here's Super Why cuddling his Daddy's favorite stuffed animals. Annie is on the left, Max is on the right (Max and Annie are married), and I think the middle puppy was named Ralph ...

Davy loved those animals, so much so that he saved them from childhood into adulthood. Here he is trying to teach Max and Annie to play piano. Despite his best efforts, they tried, but they never did learn how to play the piano!

I was at Davy's house one time, and he brought out Max and Annie. He held up Max and asked, "Mom, who is this?"

I said, "Max."

He held up Annie and asked the same thing, and I told him that was Annie.

Then he asked, "How are they related?"

I replied, very matter-of-factly, "They're married."

He looked at the person he married and said, "See?"

I guess she didn't believe the love story we wove of Max and Annie ... but it's true!

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