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Friday, March 1, 2019


In the summer of 2016, I wrote on my chalkboard ... "Thy will be done. Thy will be done. Thy will be done." It was to be a daily reminder that things may not always go the way I want them to, but everything is being done according to His will. I don't have to understand, I just have to accept that there is a reason for adversity and pain.

A week or so ago, I added one more line, "(But why did that mean taking my son?)"

I can't wait to get to Heaven and see my son, brother, and parents again ... and to finally know why God took Davy home that night. As badly as I want to see my departed loved ones, especially Davy, I would never do anything hasten my homecoming. But ... I will happily go when the Lord calls me home. Hopefully I still have a lot of living to do, and pray that I'll be around to watch my grandkids grow up, get married, and have babies of their own ... and, of course, my girls still need me.

Apparently, my work on earth is not done yet, but it will be someday ... and I will be met at the Pearly Gates by Davy ... who will probably give me one of his painful hugs ... which I will relish it like parched ground finally receiving rain.

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