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Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Encore Azalea's are Blooming

Unlike regular azalea's, encore azalea's bloom more than once. They always have prolific flowerings in the spring and fall, but I've had them bloom in the summer on occasion.  I have two encore azalea's and three regular azalea's in the front garden. I like the color of regular azalea's (a deep, dark red), but I love that the encore azalea's grace my flower beds with their delicate pink petals multiple times throughout the growing season. It's know I'm in for a treat when I notice beautiful blooms forming. I love flowers! They ask for so little ... all they want is water and a little fertilizer now and then ... and they'll reward your kindness with an explosion of color. Seeing flowers in my yard always make my heart smile.

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