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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

When the kids were little, they always wanted to make Mother's Day special for me. That included a nice breakfast, lunch, and dinner, AND a day filled with fun activities. Since I was a single parent ... and the only one who could reach the counter tops ... guess who had to make those special meals and plan and execute those special activities? Me! The kids would have been heartbroken if my special day wasn't special ... so to make them happy, I made "me" their favorite meals on Mother's Day. What mother doesn't want hot dogs and macaroni and cheese on Mother's Day?

In between specials meals, we spent the day doing all they things they ... oops, I ... liked to do ... like going to the zoo and/or on a picnic and/or a trip to a new playground ... and then playing with every toy they own!

Hmmmm ... my special day pretty much resembled every other day of my life ... minus getting the gifts they lovingly made at school and church! But, I really did love those gifts, and I especially loved the excited, happy twinkle in their eyes and the smiles that stretched from ear to ear as they presented me with them.

As they became an age where they could actually be helpful around the house doing chores, I told them ... every year ... that all I wanted for Mother's Day was a clean house. They'd roll their eyes and try to come up with a gift they knew really I wanted. A couple of times they made an attempt to clean, which is better than nothing, so I thanked them because I was grateful. Anything they did is one less thing I had to do, right?

So kids, here what I want for Mother's Day ...


I want someone to find out what's causing that funky smell and remove it! And, girls, I am NOT talking about your brother!

I want the house thoroughly cleaned, top to bottom, ceiling to floor, wall to wall.

But, I would call the day a success if you merely picked up ... and put away ... your clothes and shoes and assorted accessories from the entryway and family room, and put the dishes you dirtied in the dishwasher.

Well, would you look at that ... all these years later, my Mother's Day still resembles every other day of my life!


  1. Haha
    Why do kids find that so hard to believe.
    That's what I've always wanted too.
    Well maybe this year...
    My " kids" are 52 & 53

  2. That's a little disheartening ... I was sure my kids would take the hint one day, but alas ... not this year for me, either!