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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Today is National Pizza Day

I don't think my kids know that there even is such a thing as National Pizza Day or they would be decorating the house and preparing for the celebration. National Pizza Day would rank right up there with Christmas!

I'm not a huge pizza fan. Don't get me wrong ...I like it, I just don't love it ... and I don't go into withdrawal when I have to go more than a few days without it. It does happen, but it's very rare that I think "I really want pizza."

My kids, however, could eat pizza every single day. When they see a stranger at the door carrying a pizza box, their eyes light up and they explode with joy, much like a child being told they are going to Disneyland!

Since it's National Pizza Day, I just might order a pizza tonight. I might even get domestic and make one. The more likely scenario, however, is that I'll eat leftover chicken and dumplings followed by a piece of German chocolate upside-down cake!

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