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Monday, April 16, 2018


After working in my yard Friday, I went to my friend's house. The plan was to take a walk, but it looked like it was going to rain, so we just hung out and watched a movie. I was fine when I got there, but as the day wore on, my voice started cracking. By the time I got home, I couldn't talk above a whisper.

I don't have a sore throat, and I'm not coughing, so I'm not completely sure what happened. I did work on a computer for a co-worker who had laryngitis. She said she wasn't contagious, but I wiped down her keyboard and mouse with disinfectant wipes (that supposedly kill 99% of all germs) ... just in case. Also, I had a dental appointment last Wednesday and was given nitric oxide. I'm not sure if it was the nitric oxide or if the 1% of germs the disinfectant wipes don't kill was the one that got me. Regardless, I couldn't talk above a whisper Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. I'm still talking pretty soft, but at least people don't have to lip-read when I talk to them anymore!

Anyway ... Saturday afternoon I ran errands. If I had to ask someone at the store for help, I had to whisper my question, and I discovered a strange fact ... when you whisper a question to someone, even prefacing it with the fact that you can barely talk, they whisper the answer back! The following is a typical conversation from every store I visited:

Me (holding my hand to my throat, I whispered): "I can barely talk. Where are the batteries?"
Home Depot Guy (whispers): "There's a battery kiosk just past the self-checkout stations."

The fact that everyone whispered back was funny enough that I didn't even care if I couldn't talk! If you're ever bored and need a little "funny" in your day, try whispering to a salesperson and see if they whisper back!

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