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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Around my house and in my woods, there are vines growing everywhere, mainly ivy, which I've been doing my best to dig up and kill, but I also have another vine that's not nearly so intrusive. This spring I noticed little purple flowers on it, and of course, I used my amazing flower app to find out what it is. It's Periwinkle. This particular vine doesn't bother me like the ivy does ... it doesn't trip you when you walk through it like ivy, it doesn't climb and kill trees, and it doesn't attempt to devour everything in it's path ... so I mostly leave the Periwinkle alone.

I once loved ivy ... I even planted it at my old house! But now, Ivy is my kudzu ... and I will destroy it at all costs. Ivy could learn a thing or two from sweet, simple Periwinkle.

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