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Saturday, April 14, 2018

No One Can Resist Mr. Pillow

When I lay my grandbabies down for a nap, I lay down with them. Sometimes I stay and take a nap and sometimes I wait until I know they are asleep before gently getting up and tip-toeing out. There are times that one of them will wake up, so I'll take Mr. Pillow and put him close the the one still sleeping. There's weight beside them and it smells like me ... so they think Grandma is still there. I did that with my own kids, too. It always worked like a charm!

Last weekend, Sweet Pea was still zonked out when her brother woke up, fully charged. I put Mr. Pillow beside her and carried her brother to freedom. When I went to check on her, she had her arm around Mr. Pillow ...

A couple of years back, when my grandson was in the hospital in Indianapolis, I stayed to help his mom and give her a break. I don't think she would have left the room without knowing someone was there with her little baby! One afternoon he was so tired and really fighting sleep, so I put Mr. Pillow beside him. It wasn't long before he fell asleep. I looked over a minute later, and he'd thrown his tiny arm over Mr. Pillow. (I know you're not supposed to put anything in with an infant when they are sleeping, but I was right beside him the whole time ... he was never in any danger.)

There are a few things that all three of my kids have told me they want when I die, but the big two are my Bible and Mr. Pillow!

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