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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Good-bye, Savannah :(

My driveway is uphill and curvy, so I had to move Savannah to the street to make it easier for the insurance company to pick her up. I feel so sorry for her. Other than regular maintenance, and the occasional non-essential feature that quit working, she's been very reliable.

I know cars, don't "feel", but I feel sorry for her. If she could feel, I'm sure she'd be wondering why I'm suddenly making her sleep on the streets ... or that I'm casting her aside like a man that leaves his old wife and for a younger one. She'll be going to auction somewhere, and someone will buy her, fix the deer dents and the automatic locks, and she'll be like new again ... and whoever buys her will get a very loved, reliable vehicle. The kids and I took so many fun vacations and made so many wonderful memories in her. I needed a new vehicle, but it's still hard to let her go.

I get way too attached to inanimate objects, especially vehicles. Every time I've gotten a new one, I think about the episode of Wonder Years when they got a new car. The whole neighborhood was checking out their new car, while the family was standing on the sidewalk, their back to their new car, sadly watching their old station wagon get towed away. That's how I've always felt when I bought a new car and had to say good-bye to my old one ... and that is definitely how I'll feel when they come to pick up Savannah.

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