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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Safari Cat

Louie, Thing 1's silly cat, was always trying to escape and go outside ... so she bought him a harness and leash. Surprisingly, Louie doesn't seem to mind the harness or the leash at all, which is surprising because, well ... he's a cat ... and they generally don't let on that they enjoy anything.

A cat that tolerates this is new to our family. Years ago we bought Mr. Whiskers a harness and leash, and he slunk (is that a word?) around the yard crouched down and terrified. Sweet little Maggie never wanted to go outside, and Olivia can only walk backwards when wearing anything other than a collar ... or she falls over, stiff-legged as though rigor mortis has set in!

We can rest secure in the knowledge that Louie is okay with the leash because he didn't yell at my daughter. Louie is very vocal. When he isn't happy, he tells you. When Thing 1 gets up in the morning, Louie meets her at her bedroom door, complaining that he was locked out of the room all night ... and why does the stupid dog get to stay in there and not him? When she comes home from work, he meets her at the door and tells her all about his day. He goes on for quite a while, so apparently, no detail is too small to include in his litany.

Now that Louie knows he can go outside, I expect him to pester Thing 1 to take him outside all the time. I fear, in her sweet innocence, she's created a monster.

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