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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Daughter's Who Borrow Your Clothes

My best friend once commented that it must be nice to be the same size as my daughters and be able to wear each other's clothes.

I can see why she'd think that ... but, no ... it's not nice!

Thing 1 doesn't live with me anymore, so her clothes are too far away to be of any benefit to me. I have been known to raid Thing 2's closet on occasion, but a lot of her clothes are a little too "young" for me to wear with any confidence.

Thing 2, however, often enjoys the benefits of raiding my closet. I wouldn't mind, except it's hard to get them back. Sometimes she brings them back without my asking, but it usually requires nagging or raiding her floor in order to retrieve them.

She borrowed my favorite black sweater about a month ago. I just got it back ... dirty, of course ... so I washed it. I put it on this morning and noticed a big hole on the sleeve! Had the hole been on the elbow I could have dismissed it as wear and tear, but it's just below the elbow ... on the top side. Something she was carrying obviously snagged it, and now I have a hole ... and now have to go buy a new favorite black sweater.

If you ask my daughters if it's nice to be able to wear each other's clothes, the answer would be "Yes, very much so!", but if you ask me, the answer is a resounding, "NO!".

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