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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Uncle Wiggily

I saw this book at the library the other day. Since Uncle Wiggily is somewhat of a legend in my family, I had to snap a picture. 

When I was growing up, "us four little kids" were all born within five years of each other. Since little kids don't understand birthdays and why only one kid gets a present, my mom always bought us all something on each other's birthday. Sometimes we all got the same thing (like the year we all got giant Fuzzy Wuzzy bears), and sometimes we all got something different ... like the year I got an Uncle Wiggily game (which is what I'd been asking ... begging ... for).

I never knew what presents my mom bought, either for the birthday girl or the others, but one year I told one of my little sisters that I'd tell her what she was getting if she told me what I was getting. I knew she wouldn't tell me and ruin my birthday, so it didn't matter that I didn't have a clue as to what she was getting. 

She immediately blurted out, "You're getting an Uncle Wiggily game!"

And I immediately burst into tears.

Since then, it's became a joke in our family ... when anyone asks what they're getting, the answer is always, "You're getting an Uncle Wiggily game!"

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