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Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Day With W

I had my little grandson yesterday. He looks so much like his father it's uncanny However, even as chubby as little W is, Thing 3 was chubbier! After breakfast and playing a while, he ran out of steam and took a quick power nap.

After his power nap, we played with him until lunch time. I gave him his bottle and he fed himself (mostly).

Then it was time for fruit. I gave him a spoon to play with, which was a bad idea! Apparently he can only do one thing at a time ... eat or play ... but not both ... so the spoon had to go.

With his little belly full, we ran to the landscaping store. I figured he'd love all the colorful flowers, and perhaps he did, but it was the fountain that caught his eye!

Thing 2 wearing her nephew.

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