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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Out of Control Spending

The National Institute of Health is spending nearly one million dollars ... $911,056 to be exact ... to study the effect stress plays in lesbian drinking.

At the end of this study, they are going to reveal that stress does contribute to lesbian drinking ... just like it does for every other human on the face of the earth who turns to alcohol to manage stress. The NIH doesn't seem to know one simple fact ... lesbians are human, and they react to stress the same way heterosexuals do! Meaning, some turn to alcohol and/or drugs, some do not.

I'm not heartless. I don't mind our taxes being used to find a cure for cancer or AIDS or Zika or other devastating diseases. I don't mind tax money being used to staff the Veteran's hospitals with enough doctors and nurses to care for our soldiers or to repair bridges and roadway. I do, however, take umbrage at silly studies like lesbian drinking ... especially when everyone already knows the answer.

Anyone else tired of the ridiculous studies the government wastes our money on? With the US debt spiraling out of control, wouldn't make more sense to use our tax money to pay down our debt? And perhaps ... one day ... our taxes could even be lowered! Sadly, that will never happen.

Why doesn't our government at least try to live on a budget? There are a lot of things I would love to have, but I can't afford them. I could take out loans, but it's beyond foolish and very childish ... not to mention unsustainable ... to borrow money to fund a lifestyle. Or, the in the governments case, to garnish favors by handing out grants for useless studies or making it so comfortable ... and lucrative ... to live on government assistance rather than to work.

I'm not opposed to helping people with things they need ... like food stamps or low-cost housing or healthcare for the children of those living below the poverty line, but free cell phones and internet and cable tv? Those are luxuries, not necessities.

I have a feeling our grandchildren are one day going to ask us why we allowed this to happen in America, and they'll be justifiably angry that we continued to elect officials who used their office to line their pockets rather than execute the will of the people they were elected to serve.

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