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Friday, October 28, 2016


I made curtain tie-backs for the windows in what used to be my daughter's room, that is now my son's room, and what will be a guest room. I bought the curtains, a full size bed, and bed linens a few months back ... when no child was occupying that room.

The curtains are hung, but I haven't bought a mattress and box springs for the bed, so the room still has the twin bed with bedding that does not match the new curtains. My son would much rather have mismatched bedding than the girly pattern I picked for the room. I chose the linens with my grandkids and out-of-town sisters in mind, so they're girly. I doubt my brothers-in-law care one whip about the comforter they sleep under, so my target audience was my sisters, and I think they will approve.

Below is a stock picture of the linens, which I think will make for a very pretty and cheery guest room for grandbabies and visiting sisters!

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