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Friday, October 10, 2014


All week long the weathermen have been forecasting an 80% chance of rain Thursday afternoon through early Sunday morning. Of course, I had a spray tan scheduled for Thursday evening. (Fresh spray tans and water do not mix!) I informed my boyfriend that I may need to seek refuge at his house if it was raining when I got home, like it was when I had my last spray tan (you can read about that fiasco here ... Spray Tan Drama). To my pleasant surprise, however, there was no rain until well after I got home, so my spray tan went off without a hitch.

Until I was safely (I thought) inside my home.

I made it to my bedroom without coming into contact with water. (Yea!) As I was turning out a light before getting into bed, I leaned over my chair, resting my elbow on the armrest ... upon which sat the towel and bath scrubby I had used earlier. And yes ... they were wet. Even though I felt the moisture, it took a moment for it to register in my wedding-addled, sleep-deprived brain. I looked into the mirror, and sure enough ... just below my elbow, my once perfect tan was mottled. It looked exactly like I knew it would ... like had a skin disease requiring medical attention. (Boo!)

After my last spray tan, I'd had the foresight to ask what to do in just such a situation before I left No Fry Zone. Per their instructions, I repaired the area as best I could and climbed into bed. I looked at my arm this morning and it looks fine. It's not perfect, but you'd have to be scrutinizing my arm pretty darn good to notice. As a rule, people don't generally inspect me that closely, so I determined that that good enough is good enough. Besides, after the week I've had ... I really don't have the energy to worry about things no one will notice anyway!


  1. Yeah
    No one will ever find out
    You did 'nt tell anyone
    Did you? :-D

  2. I wondered what you did to your arm today. Lol.