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Sunday, October 12, 2014

It Was Perfect

At the church.
Entering their reception.
When her fiance (now husband) saw her for the first time, he reacted precisely as I had predicted. His reaction was exactly what Hollywood strives to manufacture ... but his reaction was genuine.

When she appeared in the doorway, he was overcome with emotion and unable to choke back the tears. She looked radiant, and I'm sure he could not believe this beautiful creature had a agreed to be his wife ... but she had ... and she did ... quite happily! My daughter was just as emotional when repeating her promises and vows. More than once, she had to stop, wipe away the tears and compose herself before she could continue. She spent the ceremony looking at him, beaming with love and pride and happiness.

I think her day was about as close to perfect as anyone could hope for. The church was picturesque, the reception hall was beautiful and filled with delicious food, the bride was gorgeous, and the groom was handsome. And best of all, everyone had a great time.

And now they begin their happily ever after ...

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