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Sunday, October 26, 2014

New Rule!

Sheldon and Leonard,
signing the roommate agreement.
Between my boyfriend and I, we have five kids and three grandchildren. He has two children and three grandkids, and I have three kids. We don't live together, but that doesn't negate the fact that we have a lot of kids, collectively ... even if they are all adults.

In the last eight weeks, we've had three major events in the lives of our kids ... two weddings and a birth ... plus numerous not-quite-major events like two bridal showers and several mini-emergencies/crisis's. We're both thrilled that our children are happy and fulfilled, but listen up:

Enough is enough!

We're exhausted!!


We hereby decree a new rule ...

Only one major event PER YEAR! 

And not one major event per child per year ... one major event between the whole lot of you! Whoever declares their upcoming event first wins! Once a major event has been announced, no one is allowed to get engaged, married, or pregnant until the calendar year after which that event takes place ... even if that means you don't date or have sex with your husband for a year (or two)!

Sorry, kids, but we're tired, our nerves are shot, and our bank accounts have taken a serious hit! We're not as young as you are. You might be able to bounce back by the next morning, but we don't! Before we were fully recovered from the first wedding, we had the second ... and before all the leftover food from the second wedding was eaten, a third grandchild was born.

You will all soon be presented with a document not unlike the Roommate Agreement and the Relationship Agreement Sheldon presented to Leonard and Amy, respectively ... and the signing of said document is not optional. I'm not going so far as to say you won't be invited to Thanksgiving or Christmas if you don't sign ... but I'm not taking that off the table, either. So, kiddo's, you can expect the document to arrive by certified messenger shortly ... and feel free to retain an attorney!

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