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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Aren't They Supposed to Fact-Check Their Stories?

The photo above is a screen-grab from a televised CNN report stating that ISIS is luring Western women to join the terror group with ... get this ... Nutella and kittens! According to CNN, photo's of the terrorists with kittens makes them more appealing, as does the fact that they enjoy Nutella.

While I, too, enjoy Nutella and find kittens cute, those are hardly the keys to my heart. Honestly, I find this report offensive. I don't know what would make an intelligent, free woman join the likes of ISIS ... but I can guarantee you it would take more than Nutella and kittens to give up the comfort, safety, and freedom of America.

It's a good thing for those reporters that I don't run CNN. If I did, everyone involved in the airing of this drivel would be out of a job.

You can read the full (ridiculous) article here.

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