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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Day, Day 2

We got just under 6" of snow Monday, so the city was all but shut down. Schools, of course, are the first things to close. The irony is that school systems around here were using Monday (President's Day) as a makeup snow day from November ... so our makeup snow day was cancelled due to snow! Many businesses started later, closed early, or shut down altogether.

And I did what I do on snow days ... I cooked warm, hearty, delicious comfort food. Unlike most snow days, Thing 2 was snowed in with me. Her college classes were cancelled for the day, and her place of employment closed early. We ate the yummy chicken and dumplings I'd made Sunday evening and snacked on homemade chocolate chip cookies. We spent the day talking and laughing and enjoying a rare day with nothing to do and no place to go. While waiting for the roast in the crock pot to cook, I read and she watched DVD's of The Walking Dead. When the roast was fork tender, we piled our plates high and ate dinner.

Before I knew school would be closed again Tuesday, I cooked scrambled eggs and sausage, then packaged individual portions for each of us to take for breakfast in the morning. I don't have to go to work today, but Thing 2 has to go to school and work. Her college was on a delay, so we were able to have a nice, leisurely breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage together before she stole my gloves and headed outside into the arctic air to dig out her car.

She texted me when she got to school and said the roads are pretty bad. After an overnight low of -6º, it's currently only 1º outside, so it's not going to get warm enough to melt anything today. She's under strict orders to call me when she leaves school to go to work, when she arrives at work, and when she's ready to head home afterwards.

With Thing 2 gone, I'll spend the day reading and writing. But, I'd rather have a snow day of games and puzzles and movies snuggled up under blankets with all three of my babies. I love having my adult children as friends ... but I sure miss my little kids.

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