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Friday, November 11, 2016

A Heartfelt Thank You

My father, my brother, two of my brother-in-laws, and my nephew are veterans. My father fought in World War II. One of my brother-in-laws fought in Vietnam, and my nephew went to Afghanistan. As a family, we were lucky, because they all came home, alive and unharmed. Not all families are so fortunate.

Of all the veterans, it's the Vietnam veterans that break my heart. They were just doing what was asked of them. Their country called them to action and they answered, only to be met with scorn, disgust, and rage when they returned. There were no parades or places of honor for these men and women. They were made to feel ashamed of their service to our country. They could have broken the law and refused to go, but that's not what a patriotic American does. The men and women who served in Vietnam deserved better.

On this eleventh day of the eleventh month, it is my hope that all veterans and their families know how much we appreciate all they have done to keep us safe and free.

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