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Monday, November 7, 2016

Screen Doors

I love creaky wooden screen doors ... they're very Mayberryesque. I know they're loud when they slam close, but I like that sound, and it makes me beyond happy to finally be able to leave my front door open.

When I moved here last fall, I bought wooden screen doors with an iron grid on the bottom to prevent pets ... or in my case, grandbabies ... from busting the screen out. This weekend, I finally got the last screen door hung. I have a feeling my little grandson will be the first of many babies and toddlers to spend time in front of that door, talking to the leaves and birds and bugs as they fly by.

I honestly feel sorry for the ultra-wealthy. Nothing is beyond their reach, so little is appreciated. I doubt someone whose engagement ring cost more than the average American house would find any pleasure in something as mundane as a screen door. Luckily, I'm not ultra-wealthy ... so simple things still give me a great amount of satisfaction and pleasure.

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