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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

I Bought a Scarlet Fire Dogwood to Plant in my Son's Memory

We're going to plant it Thursday evening. We'll sprinkle some of Davy's ashes in the hole before we plant the tree ... that way, it won't just be in memory of Davy, Davy will actually be a part of the tree. 

The babies can help me water it every weekend. They LOVE helping me water plants (i.e. ... they love playing in the water!)

It will be a bittersweet memory, but one I'll cherish ... and the babies will be glad I included them when they are old enough to understand. I can't wait for next spring to see all the beautiful, vibrant blooms. I'll tell the babies that Daddy is letting them know that the long, cold winter is over and summer is coming.

The hard part will be not crying. I was holding the babies at Davy's funeral, and (of course) I was crying pretty hard ... and it scared them. They had never seen me cry and didn't understand. I had to take them to their Mommy in the middle of the service because they were crying. I was in the front row and she was in the back, so it was quite the spectacle. I hated letting go of them, but I hated it more that my tears are what scared them. We'll have to figure out a way not to cry ... and I have no idea how we'll be able to accomplish that ... but their happiness is more important than my grief ... so we'll find a way.

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