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Friday, July 6, 2018

We Planted Davy's Dogwood Yesterday Evening

One of my sisters brought this over last night. It's perfect.
I know Davy is just one person, but his absence is palpable.
I laid it on the ground in front of his tree.

The tree planted and the stone in place.

Below is the video of us planting Davy's dogwood. The conversation is a little disjointed at times, because my daughter stopped and started the video at different points ...

Mixing the compost with the soil.
Sprinkling Davy's ashes into the hole so he'll become part of the tree.
Setting the tree in place.
Backfilling the hole with the soil/compost mixture.
Davy's babies went with me to to on the hose.
They've never seen this part of the yard.
They thought it was a magical place ...
especially after we saw a frog!!

Davy first met this guy (Ben) when they were four and five years old.
Davy, Ben, and Ben's brother Noah were joined at the hip their entire childhoods.
They played from the moment they woke up until they were called home for the night.
Adding mulch.

Watering the tree.
The babies, the Mommy, and myself, off to start the grill to feed this group.

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